Fifty-Two Pick-Ups

Fifty-Two Pick-Ups

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Mini-Playing Cards that are Cards for Playing!

Now make your Vanilla and Lifestyle connections DISCREET. DIRECT. SIMPLE!

No more risking the business card or scribbling on a bar napkin, we’ve made your connections easy and to the point. Use the included mini-permanent marker, jot down your name (or an alias), and whatever contact info you prefer, or the username and website where you can reached.       DISCREET. DIRECT. SIMPLE!

$9/one Mini-deck*

$15/two Mini-decks*

$20/three Mini-decks* (They make great gifts!)

*Every Mini-deck includes 54 Playing Cards (incl. 2 Jokers) comprised of 13-14 of each of the four messages shown, and one mini-permanent marker.