Our Philosophy

Private, Provocative, and Proud

Yeah, this looks really long...but it's totally worth reading!

In the Lifestyle, we're a very careful and private bunch of people who share a strong set of beliefs about our sexuality and sexual freedoms. At the same time, we want to express ourselves, and share what an incredible 'lifestyle' we lead--sometimes to attract others, get a sense of others beliefs and desires, seek or identify others out in public who already share our beliefs, and sometimes just to let our 'freak flag fly!' 

Some in the Lifestyle don't even consider themselves to be in the Lifestyle--maybe they don't like labels, maybe they only 'play' once or twice a year, or only on vacation. Yet others are actively engaged and even public about participating in the Lifestyle--usually the ones who have face pics on the first page of their profiles! LOL! 

This store is for EVERYONE in the Lifestyle. Some shirts contain very subtle, tongue-in-cheek, or Lifestyle 'code' words. Some have double meanings that are easily explained away if asked (for example, my wife wears a hotwife anklet with three male symbols and one female symbol--as she's into MMMF or even more M's. If she's ever asked about it in a mixed or vanilla setting, she just tells people it represents our kids, as we happen to have three boys and girl!). So we've designed and carefully word-smithed several shirts to provide fun, expressive "lifestyle wear" to give people who connect at any level of the Lifestyle, something fun to wear, be proud of, and feel socially comfortable. 

Of course all of our shirts and hats are fun for Lifestyle gatherings of all kinds--house parties, organized parties, clubs, resorts, and ANYTIME OR ANYWHERE you feel comfortable and excited about wearing them! Stock up for Lifestyle Cruises, trips to Cap D'Agde, Hedonism, Desire, Pearl, Sea Mountain (well, just hats of course!), or any other Lifestyle-specific destinations. It's always fun to hear, "OMG, that shirt is so awesome!!!" Usually followed up by our favorite question, "Where did you get that!?"

Sometime soon, we'll be launching a "Lifestyle Loyalty" program that'll provide you with chances to earn free apparel when you refer someone to our online store. So PLEASE provide your email when you place an order! We will ONLY send out emails announcing new products and deals, and the Lifestyle Loyalty Program ONCE PER QUARTER. 

Lastly, our products will never go on 'sale,' clearance, or liquidation. We will offer volume discounts, and an occasional 'bundle' deal (hat/shirt combos, his and hers, hers and hers, special products, etc.), but that's about it.

We wish each of you an incredible life, deeply engaged in safely living out your dreams, desires, passions, and fantasies without judgment or fear...or fear of judgment. 

Remember, people in the Lifestyle enjoy the highest rates of sexual satisfaction among married couples, higher rates of happiness, and lower rates of divorce. Within the Lifestyle community, people are found to be more trustworthy, honest, and accepting than their non-Lifestyle peer groups. When people are open to it, tell them these things--change their perceptions, and expand their minds!

Let's celebrate and appreciate the Lifestyle community by enjoying everyday we have on Earth, together!!!

Happy Playing to All!