Helpful Info and FAQ's

Helpful Stuff to Know:

1. Can I get a different color or different type of shirt, tank, hoodie, or hat than the ones shown? Absolutely! You have options with every item in this online store. Want it on a pink V-neck? Want white lettering on a navy blue tank? Want it on a beige trucker hat? You ask, we deliver! Just send an e-mail to telling us exactly what you want, and how many, and we'll make it happen. Additional charges may apply.

2. Why do we call this brand "useful?" A few reasons. Many of these shirts and hats are great for "Vanilla Hunting," or just evoking curiosity while you're at a bar, concert, at the beach, on vacation, or just out and about. Whether you're newbies or experienced in the Lifestyle, they can provide a great way to 'break the ice,' express yourself, or just get a laugh! This brand also hopes to break down some barriers, change some perceptions, and open some minds. That might be the most important "useful" of all--changing the way people think, how they act, and creating better understanding of the benefits of the Lifestyle and why we're part of it.

3. Why is it important to have a brand dedicated to the Lifestyle? Two words: Community and Laughter. We're part of a global community that cares about one another. There are between 8-13 million people in the U.S. who are part of the Lifestyle, with estimates as high as 50 million globally. We're a movement of people who not only believe strongly in sexual freedoms, we live our lives in ways that express those freedoms. We trust, appreciate, respect, and look out for one another. And we do so with privacy, confidentiality, and integrity. We also have fun, LOTS OF FUN! Probably more than the rest of the planet. So when we're together, we like to laugh and have a great time. Most of the apparel in this brand will make you laugh, chuckle, grin, or at least nod your head in agreement! It bonds us, bonds you (no, not like bondage--unless that's your thing)...and makes you feel like you're part of an amazing community that truly knows how to have a good (and safe) time!